No More Whining

I think all my whiny self-talk (as well as whiny other-talk!) needs to stop once and for all.  Troubleshooting a problem is fine, as it is a step toward something constructive, but just hating what’s going on is like opening an emotional sinkhole in my reality.

The thing that has inspired this latest resolution prohibiting negativity is the weather.  Where we live, it gets yucky hot in the summer and yucky cold in the winter.  I wait as long as I can in the season to start hating it, but it’s only mid-January and I am already despising the cold.

I used to know a wise woman who said she had made friends with winter.  I want to do that.  All the energy I pour into hating something could just as easily be spent in making friends, finding the good, opening to the joy.

Here goes, as a first step:

Hello, winter.  Thank you for not making me sweat.  Thank you for eliminating all those awful bugs, especially the mosquitos.  Thank you for giving me a little break from mowing the lawn.  Thank you for making it fun to snuggle with the kids and not making me want to push them away because it’s too sticky hot to be close to someone.

There.  We’ll see if I can maintain this relationship!  Help me out by leaving a comment with more ways winter doesn’t suck!

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