My Next Tattoo

I only have one right now.  The impetus to get it was to cover up a drunken lightning bolt I’d done myself so I could “match” my first husband.  The salamander is my totem animal, and the spiral is a powerful symbol for me, so this is kind of my signature.

My next tattoo will most likely be on the other wrist.  I want to do some kind of stylized form of “880,” which means many things to me.  Primarily, 880 is the number of the Nimitz Freeway in the East Bay Area, the road that led from my childhood home to my Grandma’s home, and the roughest, scariest freeway I’ve ever been on.  The last time I was on it (last year), the general traffic was going 75 in a 45 zone, bumper to bumper, cutting people off, swerving, huge potholes in the asphalt, just the most insane thing you can imagine.

Normally, I am prone to freak out over stupid little stuff, like my 3 year old spilling juice or getting a particularly large electric bill in the mail.  But as soon as I merge onto this freeway (or any road, for that matter) I get excited and intense and I think, “Alright, here we go!”  It occurred to me after my last trip on 880 that if I could just adopt that attitude of confidence and enthusiasm to every challenge I encountered along my life path, how much funner my life would be!  The tattoo is supposed to remind me to see rough scary things like they were the Nimitz, and to go for it with a mad smile!

Other secondary reasons: 8 is my favorite number.  Turned sideways it is the symbol for infinity, which is mind-blowing.  I graduated in ’88 and I plan to die when I’m 88.  “0” is also a circle, wholeness, forever, lots of good meanings there.  It is also nothing, which is a very important reminder as well.

When I originally came up with the idea (thanks to Helene Cote for the sketch you see above), I wanted to get it before my 40th birthday, but that has come and gone with no funds.  Now I want to do it while I’m 40, but just yesterday I thought, okay, if it’s primary function is to remind me, and I think of it all the time, then there’s no hurry.  Just chill.  (Just hang on to the wheel and enjoy the ride.)

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Or… Tell me about your tattoos and what they mean!

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