Movin’ On

Here is the house I sit in, preparing for the big move.

The House with One Bathroom for Seven People

Of course, currently there is no green grass or sunflowers; it’s just bare winter brownness.

Our tentative closing date is March 30 on our Habitat house.  A house with TWO bathrooms.  And five bedrooms.  Here’s hoping the squish factor will diminish significantly.

So I’m in the list phase right now.  I’ve got a list for stuff to get rid of, a list of stuff to do, a list of stuff to buy, and a list of stuff for my husband to make (he’s into woodworking in various permutations, including furniture and cigar box guitars.)

In addition, we’ve still got 100 sweat equity hours to get done, classes every Thursday, monthly budgeting, and meetings involving lots of paperwork.

I want to pack.  I want to move boxes.  I want to do something that involves physically making this happen.

But for now I will sit with my lists and my spending plans and my dreams.  I have a feeling that the rest is coming like a speeding freight train.

Feel free to jump in and share your home buying or house moving experiences during any of my homebuyer updates.  It’s supposed to be one of the more stressful events in a person’s life, and the stories we create as we live through these events make up part of who we are.


2 responses to “Movin’ On

  1. What an exciting time for you all. I can imagine all you want to do is pack and get on…my memories of shifting involve: a lot of cleaning, which I don’t like; and a lot of boxes; and lots of throwing out. Quite theraputic !

  2. Yes! The therapy of starting a new chapter in one’s life, which we can do every moment whenever we need to, but with such an event the opportunity seems to present itself with bells, whistles and neon lights! 😀

    You reminded me of my other list: Lifestyle changes. This list includes things like composting, using a clothesline, committing to weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market, and lots of other things I’ve been wanting to do for years but haven’t done for a variety of reasons.

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