Bureaucrats on Vacation

Bureaucrats devise complicated procedures to follow, forms to fill out and deadlines not to be missed or else.  They compartmentalize the entire operation so that every cog-worker in each cubicle performs their own clever function, with their own little stamp of approval.

And then they go on vacation.

"Did I forget to put the date next to my signature, sir?"

Or they require “proof” or “documentation” or “confirmation” from some other bureaucrat on vacation.

In any event, there is at all times a self-designated indispensable pencil pusher somewhere, lounging on a beach, stirring their Mai Tai with the scissors that could have cut the red tape from around our throats and laughing at the peons back home who are now up sh*t’s creek without that paddle that some bureaucratic idiot set as a requirement.  And then we peons miss that deadline that they themselves have set.  And we are penalized within the system that they alone want to perpetuate.

Is this a fun way to earn a living, I wonder?  Does it make vacation that much more amusing?  Does a bureaucrat’s sense of self-worth derive from the false importance of their ultimately meaningless little function?  Or are they caught in the trap as well?

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