Countdown to Move In

I feel like today starts the countdown to March 30: closing day.  Just this morning I’m feeling completely overwhelmed.  I got so much done yesterday and a childish part of my brain was hoping for even a small spray of confetti, but it was not forthcoming.  Just the rest of the mile-long to-do list waiting for me, not so patiently.

I am trying a new strategy; instead of my usual response to feeling overwhelmed, which is to move faster, I am slowing down.  I am going to find a groove in all this and ride it out.


4 responses to “Countdown to Move In

  1. How exciting that the move is imminent! I read a post yesterday on celebrating achievements and realised that most if not all mums are probably guilty of not taking some time to give themselves a pat on the back when they well deserve it. Remember to celebrate your achievements no matter how small and slowly slowly does it.
    I’ll be cheering you on from across the ‘pond’

  2. Thanks Li-ling! I appreciate the support!

  3. Robert Kyiosaki (sp?), the Rich Dad Poor Dad guy, reckons it’s better to aim to underachieve…that way you stay highly motivated. So instead of planning to do 50 things, plan to do 10 and then feel great because you do 25.
    I’ll throw some confetti for you Elena!

    • Woo hoo! Thanks!

      I don’t think I can bring myself to aim to underachieve, especially not now that I’m married to a man who pushes himself way too hard… if I don’t at least try to keep up I’m going to feel like the worst kind of slacker! I’ll just have to keep my big long list and pace myself, knowing full well that it’s not all going to get done…

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