The Word is Life

There are as many ways to God as there are created souls.  —Sufi saying

We are all standing in a different spot on the planet, seeing the world with our individual eyes, relating to God from our own hearts.  We look to creation for connection, scan the horizon for a sign, comb the sand for broken pieces of the truth.

You turn inward, enter into the depths of your soul and (e)merge with the words God whispered to you in the dark still quiet.

You can share with others the wisdom you have gained; you can write it carefully in a Book.  But no matter how much they study, they will only see the shadow of your experience.

I must speak to God myself.

My unfolding will not match yours.  I will not be the same color, the same size, I will not have the same number of petals.  Your Book can keep me company, but it cannot tell me how to unfurl into the flower that I am.

We can walk together, hand in hand, but we cannot enter the water in the exact same spot.  We cannot hear the exact same Word.

Your path is only one path.  Your Book is only one book.

Your hell is only one fantasy.  Your God is only one face of the Divine.

Don’t let your Book trap you within its pages.  Don’t limit God to ink on paper.  Don’t mistake the map for the Way.

Live the Word that breathes and pulses and moves you to joyful Union.

 A donkey with a load of holy books is still a donkey.  — Sufi saying


5 responses to “The Word is Life

  1. What an eloquent beautiful way of talking about and encouraging acceptance of multi-religions!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Elena, that was beautiful! I’ve been trying to explain to others that we each have our own walk with God and it’s that relationship that matters, not someone else’s interpretation of how we should interract with Him. You put it so eloquently.

  3. Oops! I forgot to sign my name!

  4. You took the words out of my heart… I was recently invited to exhibit some of my work at the Heart of the Artist Community Art Festival sponsored by the Southern Baptist Seminary… which has a huge and beautiful campus here in Wake Forest… the theme of the show was “Expressions of Christian Faith”.
    Well, not wanting to forgo any opportunities to show and sell my work, I thought I’d delve a little deeper and probe them on EXACTLY what their expectations were… I mean, were they looking for a neon Jesus on black velvet or what? They assured me that, while this was in no way an “interfaith” event, the theme was wide open to interpretation. For example, just about anything in creation, from landscapes to animals, can inspire us as artists to create their image. .. therefore, just about any of my paintings were fair game… as long as I coughed up something inspirational that related it to Christian Faith.
    Well, being somewhat Deist, I was able to approach this objectively and simply google an online bible for relevant verses for several pieces. I submitted those with my application and voila, I was in.
    Now, before you all shake your heads and mutter under your breath “oh how deceitful she is”… I must confess that it was a bit difficult to sell my soul like that, pun intended.
    The whole thing made me gag a little and not because I disrespect sincere trinitarian Christians… oh no… I have the utmost respect for someone who knows with all their heart what they believe and sticks to it. I even envy their communal spirit and sense of purpose sometimes.
    But it did raise, once again, that debate within myself, that question… what DO I believe in… after all… I want to pass something along to my children, a sense of place, purpose, and identity… but so far the only thing I have handed them is the label of Deist… which is meaningless to them, since it is not something we “practice” but just a word that describes how we do or rather don’t think about God.
    The other issue that arises is a real sense of fear or intimidation from the judgement of trinitarians… it is so harsh. I have been in discussions on facebook with people who think that hell is a real place and the bible is THE word of God… yet, being someone who has had her own enlightenment, it is hard to imagine anyone being arrogant enough to proclaim this if they were truly in touch with God (and in my opinion, the authors of the books of the bible never claimed this).
    I feel my children watching me. I feel them holding their breath, waiting for me to make up my mind, to find our place in this world and stake a claim to it FOR them…
    Ironically, I do wish there were a church for folks like us, who DON’T want to preach to others! LOL!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Adriana, have you tried a Unitarian church?

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