At a Standstill

I am currently in a place where all the irons I had in the fire have gone cold. No one wants anything more from me than a well-trained monkey could do. I am trying to use this quiet time to accomplish some things that need doing, like organizing areas of the house in detail and finishing the quilt I started years ago. I want so desperately to sink my teeth into something.  I want to feel that deep connection to action and purpose.

Why am I writing this here?  Writing used to be a means of connection for me.  The more disconnected I feel, the harder it is to reconnect.  Perhaps if I reach out blindly, bravely, forcing my foot forward, the next step will become obvious and come easier.

2 responses to “At a Standstill

  1. Elena just keep going and don’t worry about the things you haven’t done.
    And keep writing whenever you can x

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