Occupy My Own Blog

The Occupy movement has captured my imagination. I’m watching, fascinated.

My days are already full to exhaustion with running my household and being Mama to my five kids. I know this is important work that will have a lasting impact on the world, but I’m also waiting to see if some avenue of participation in the greater sphere makes itself obvious to me.

For now I could make time to write. I could be present with my own words. Expressing myself gets bumped down to the bottom of my priority list because I feel like it’s something I do only for myself. But what if, in representing one’s perspective, one takes the first step into a larger world.

Some ideas I’ve had: student loan debt crisis, family survival lessons, emergency supplies, rain barrels, alter egos, usage of the word “occupy,” 8 years of living out of boxes then finally being unpacked, bootstraps vs. basic human rights… and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

For now I will move forward in my own way, each day, in solidarity.

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