The Nature of a Blog

I had the insane idea this morning that I should challenge myself to write one post a day every day next year.

Talk about setting oneself up for failure.

What I come up against, over and over, is polished versus organic.

Is the goal of this blog to have shiny, perfect essays with which to dazzle readers?

The idea pops into my head when I see the amazing things other people consistently do with their blogs. I covet the appearance of being an award-winning, high traffic site.

The reality is, my current circumstances do not allow for me to even finish a sentence, much less a thought. This frustrates me to no end, but should I sit in silence because I can’t turn out the most amazing post you ever saw?

No, if I sit for a minute and forget about what everyone else is doing, I don’t think the value of my blog, or my life for that matter, is to be grandstandingly impressive. No one ever has or ever will look at me or get to know me and think, holy crap, she’s hella polished, dude!

My chocolate chip cookies are going to look imperfect, but taste awesome.

My children will go out in public in mismatched clothes, but be kind and polite (that’s the goal, anyway!)

My hair will be wild but clean.

My garden will look like a jungle but will yield deliciousness (knock wood.)

My blog will be a disorganized ramble, but will be accessible, useful, inspired, or inspiring. Sometimes all at once.

If you’re along for the ride, it might seem like I don’t have a map. Cuz I don’t. Who knows where we’re going. But we’re going to hit a couple great restaurants on the way, all of which look like dives on the outside but serve authentic grub on the inside. We’re going to meet some real people who tell us some great stories and show us where the non-touristy, must-see spots are. We won’t think twice about sittin’ a spell, watchin’ the flora and fauna until we’ve soaked in that moment in time and it becomes a part of us, more than any paper photo or digitally recorded image could ever be.

The Wise Way may not be clearly marked, smoothly paved or dotted with modernized rest stops, but it’ll get us where we need to be.

11 responses to “The Nature of a Blog

  1. I found your blog through a forum for natural health.. I have been looking for a pediatrician that is okay with not vaccinating in catawba county and saw that you had found a family doctor in the area, was wondering if you could relay that information to us since I know this area is very difficult to find more natural care. thank you!

    • Newton Family Physicians seems to not take the fascist approach to parents choosing their children’s vaccine status.

      If you’d like talk more about it privately, you can email me at emargo dot gould at gmail dot com

      And thanks for reading!

  2. I feel you! I have no map either šŸ™‚ I try and try to make my blog more polished and make more sense. . . or to post more frequently, or with more professional articles. . .I hear you! You’re not alone! I love the thought that “the Wise Way may not be clearly marked [or full of super-glossy, polished articles] but it’ll get us where we need to be!”

    • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Amy! I’m glad to know I’m not the only wanderer. I think if I could just be okay with functional chaos and trust that even if I feel uncertain, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong… then I could enjoy the ride a bit more.

  3. Yes yes yes! I totally agree with everything you write here. I’ve been absent from blogging lately and the longer i wait between posts, the more pressure I put on myself to make it shiny and awesome. I think more often but less polished is probably the way to go — it creates more of an ongoing narrative that draws in readers than the less frequent but bigger/fancier posts!

    • Yes, the PRESSURE! It builds up to a fantastic degree, doesn’t it? I used to liken it (before there was the internet and it was just me talking to myself on paper) to needing to take a big crap. It just gets worse and worse the longer you hold it in, until it’s absolutely painful. I know, that’s pretty gross, but seriously, it was just this buildup of stuff that I suspected was pure garbage but needed to come out anyway.

      I guess that often enough, what comes out isn’t stinky or disgusting but might actually be helpful, in a compost-y kind of way, so I figured I would take advantage of the internet and share it.

      Or maybe there’s an exhibitionist side to me… who knows.

      “You never can tell with bees.” šŸ˜€

  4. I have a tendency to jump in and try to make gigantic blogging goals for myself, and I get hung up on comparing myself to other more polished bloggers. But, I have a better time when I’m just cruising along at my own pace and having the fun instead of pressuring myself. Your one-post-a-day-for-a-year idea reminds me of NaBloPoMo which I’ve done the last two years, and that was a lot of fun. I couldn’t keep it up for a whole year, but it’s fun for a month!

    • Maybe I should start with something more modest like a month at a time!

      I think one of the biggest pressures for me is photos, as I think they make the post so much more interesting but jeez, what a pain in the butt. If I can let myself off the hook for that one and just say, you know what, words are good! I can just let them hang out by themselves without tarting them up with pics! Then I am more liable to go ahead and post. šŸ˜€

      • I get hung up on pictures, too. For a long time I had a blog template that focused on pictures but required me to format each photo three times for display on various parts of the layout. That was a ridiculous amount of work! I’ve got a much simpler layout now, and I do still post a picture with almost every post, but if I don’t have one, I go ahead and post. I’ve removed that “have to” aspect of including pictures.

        • I have to wonder how much of my frustration isn’t the format, layout, etc. that I happened to stumble upon because I’m too tech lazy to find something that’s just right for me? Mine looks so simple, too simple to the point of boring, I fear, but then I think, I need to show my dedication to actually getting some content going before I try to bling it out. Start with what’s important, you know?

          • I think you have to work on content, but I think it’s important to feel good in your space, too. Kind of like hanging up curtains that match, or whatever. Although I can really get obsessive about blog templates and spend days trying to get something just right. Only to chance it all again a couple of months later, so yeah, I’m not a good role model there! šŸ™‚

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