Lahu New Year

I meant to get pictures, but as it turned out, I wouldn’t have had enough hands free to push the button.

I took my three youngest kids, ages 9,4 and 2. Not to complain, but, as usual, the little ones pretty much ruined it and resulted in us leaving early. Actually, the 2 year old was pretty well behaved for the first hour and a half, but when she joined the 4 year old in his ungodly pithering, I knew I was done.

The 9 year old had a great time since some of the neighbor kids were there. We have quite a few Lahu families in our neighborhood, and one of them had invited us to a celebration with dancing, singing and food. It was extra special to see so many of our neighbors there as we are still fairly new here (3 years in this town, 9 months in this neighborhood) so to be a part of it, even as spectators, felt great.

Although the 9 year old did more than watch. Her friends got her dressed in a traditional outfit and had her out there dancing with everyone.

I highly recommend that everyone expand beyond their usual sources of entertainment and take advantage of the wonderful cultural events going on around you, especially if you have kids. Sure, they will prevent you from enjoying the event as much as you could, like when you’re trying to balance two plates of food and a toddler and you only choose foods you know THEY would like and pass up all the interesting stuff because you’re hoping if you can just get some food into them they’ll stop their infernal whining and you can stay a little longer.

But at least you all will have opened eyes and hearts to something besides the same old same old.


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