Who Needs a Mentor?

Seems like for most of human history, humans have at some point (usually as teens?) paired up with other humans to apprentice and have a mentor/student relationship.

I’ve always wanted a mentor, and am still trying to heal lingering anger at certain people who came into my life and refused to recognize my awesomeness and how useful I could be to them, failed to open their wing and let me crawl under. It always sounded like a wonderful place to be.

But what do we need this for nowadays? There’s so much information floating around the internet, not to mention good old fashioned books. Plus nothing counts anymore except a piece of paper you buy from an accredited institution of higher learning, so why waste your time with that informal, unofficial stuff?

Plus people have always had spirit guides. Perhaps with a combination of online surfing and otherworldly assistance, there is plenty of guidance out there.

Reading the section “Planes of Correspondence” in The Kybalion, I was reminded of these ethereal helpers from an entirely new perspective, as it was explained how beings evolve and progress up the planes of existence until they dwell in the higher realms.

On the lower Minor Planes dwell those great souls whom we call Masters and Adepts. Above them come the Great Hierarchies of the Angelic Hosts, unthinkable to man; and above those come those who may without irreverence be called “The Gods,” so high in the scale of Being are they, their being, intelligence and power being akin to those attributed by the races of men to their conceptions of Deity. These Beings are beyond even the highest flights of the human imagination, the word “Divine” being the only one applicable to them. Many of these Beings, as well as the Angelic Host, take the greatest interest in the affairs of the Universe and play an important part in its affairs. These Unseen Divinities and Angelic Helpers extend their influence freely and powerfully, in the process of Evolution, and Cosmic Progress. Their occasional intervention and assistance in human affairs have led to the many legends, beliefs, religions and traditions of the race, past and present. They have super-imposed their knowledge and power upon the world, again and again, all under the Law of THE ALL, of course.

So apparently there are beings to appeal to over the heads of those “Masters and Adepts” who seem currently not to be interested in taking on disciples. As it turns out, who needs ’em?

The Hua Hu Ching has something more humbling to say about the Higher Beings, however:

One should not try to anxiously acquire the immortal Truth. If one extends one’s virtue selflessly to the world, the immortal Truth will come to one naturally. The general principles of the method of achieving immortality can be shown, but the ultimate secrets and details are usually taught directly by the immortals in response to a person’s virtue. By following the right channel of life and radiating a virtuous influence in the world, one may develop one’s subtle energy. In this way, one can connect oneself with the subtle realms. Then the immortals will give one guidance.

So the guidance of the higher beings must be earned through self-cultivation, not only through learning, acquiring knowledge and developing skill, but through practicing a virtuous way of life.

And perhaps this is true of those teachers still firmly encased in the flesh. Perhaps I never demonstrated worthiness, or indeed, perhaps I have never been worthy enough.

Maybe the anger I need to heal actually stems from my own failings.


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