The Start of Something Big?

In my ripe old age, I try to avoid getting overly excited about possibilities. I’ve learned that I have a pretty good imagination, and I can use it to create vivid scenarios based on fears and hopes, neither of which ends up being very useful.

Now brainstorming ideas, that’s fine, but weaving a fictional future in which all things turn out amazing with flowers and violin music… that’s just going to end in heartbreak.

So as I go off this morning in pursuit of a new opportunity, I’m trying to be chill.

It’s just a small gig, teaching budgeting classes at a local DSS office to folks applying for cash assistance. I’m meeting with the lady at a local community college who is setting the whole thing up. I’ve already developed the powerpoint presentation and handouts, in English and Spanish.

If it does happen, it will be extremely part-time, a few hours a week. But I am already plotting how I can secure more gigs with more offices for more classes. What if my name gets out there as someone who you can just call up and say, “I need a class about XYZ for my clients,” and I can develop the curriculum, translate it, and teach the class in both languages?

I feel like the meeting this morning is a pivotal moment along that path.

And the path feels like something perfect for me. I love to translate and speak Spanish. I love to teach, and how much better to not have to worry about grades and all that red tape but simply convey information and engage students in useful, relevant material. And I’d love to be able to help people by inspiring and/or informing them.

I am excited to see how this plays out.

No wait! I’m not excited!

Dude, I’m totally mellow…


2 responses to “The Start of Something Big?

  1. Confragtulations! Good luck! Whee!
    I mean… that’s cool.

    • πŸ˜€

      Just got back from the meeting and I think part of the problem is that this lady (I’ll call her my program director, since I don’t really know what kind of boss she is to me) is so enthusiastic and full of good ideas that she gets me all pumped up. Like I am now. *sigh*

      Maybe if I assign myself some really down-to-earth groundwork that will keep me from spinning off on some fantasy of what-ifs.

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