Sleeping In

I  remember sleeping in as a kid. Every time I did it my mother would greet me with “So you’re finally up. The day’s half gone.”  Regardless of what time it actually was.

So this morning was pretty typical of me “sleeping in” anymore: I got out of bed at a luxurious 7 a.m. (I normally get up at 6:30 a.m.) and immediately the 2 year old is up. Then the 9 year old. I’m sitting here trying to think of an interesting post, but I’ve gotten up four different times just in the time it’s taken me to write this (and I type fast) to shush them.

Don’t wake up the bear.

I think this is a fairly common dilemma in two-parent households – Mama has to get up, take the dog out, tend to the young children, maybe do a couple chores. Especially if she is SAHM who doesn’t “work.” Often when the husband is “the only one who works” he is entitled to sleep in.

I get if he works late. I’m not completely heartless. But if he gets home before 9 p.m.? Any staying-up-lateness is voluntary and thus not subject to the “golly-I-need-my-sleep” clause.

The 4 year old isn’t even awake yet, but when he is, the noise level will rise to construction-site-epic and it will surely be game over.

And so on these days, several hours of my life are devoted to nothing else but shushing.  The stress level is through the roof for me, and half the time the bear will wake up grumpy because he’s been woken up “prematurely,” so all the worrying and stress was for nothing anyway.

I wish I could express how much I hate it, but there aren’t words.


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