I Quit!

I want to quit caring if my kids are happy.

Can a person do this?

I will always care if they are genuinely suffering. I will always respond to that.

But the whining because they don’t want beans for dinner?

The whining because they feel too lazy to find something to play?

The whining because it’s too cold for a trip to the park?

The whining! The whining! THE GOD-AWFUL WHINING!!!

I can’t be held responsible for it anymore. I don’t believe it’s genuine suffering. It might FEEL like genuine suffering. But it’s a choice. An unfortunate, soul-crushing, peaceful-home-atmosphere-destroying choice.

I can’t care anymore. I’ve cared for almost 20 years. I’ve tried to respect their feelings, understand where they’re coming from, be responsive and supportive.

But I have to take responsibility for my own happiness. No one gives a thought to what I’m feeling.

So guess what? I will continue to do my very best as a homemaker and parent, providing what my family needs and some of what they want, making good meals, keeping the house a place for creativity, fun, relaxation and joy, but whether a child takes advantage of any of the good stuff I’ve done or not is THEIR problem. Starting NOW.

I am committed to sitting at the table and enjoying every bite of whatever I’ve cooked, even if there are people wailing in agony because they don’t FEEL like having rice for dinner.

Tough! Yesterday I cared, but then I quit. Good luck!


2 responses to “I Quit!

  1. I think we can all relate to this! It’s hard sometimes to figure out how to honor ourselves while still holding onto the mama role. But I agree – our kids do need to learn to shake it off and find something more constructive to do about their gripes besides whining! I am definitely trying to teach Kieran that lesson.

    • You gave me an idea… what about a list? Something I can hang on the bulletin board or write on the dry erase board of “acceptable alternatives to whining.” I find it helps me to have something solid to point at (or shake! 😀 ) when I need to set boundaries (or remind of boundaries I’ve already set).

      Thanks for the inspiration!

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