Renewed Commitment to Health

There are lot of reasons I periodically feel the desperate urge to “start all over” and be healthy from here on out. I think we all do this from time to time, inspired by the new year, a recent bout of ill health, watching yet another documentary about how crappy we eat and how it’s killing us, or whatever shifts our consciousness to realize the imbalanced lifestyle we’ve been leading.

So what’s different this time?

For starters, this isn’t a “time.” Instead of seeing this as “from this day forward,” I see myself as simply moving forward in my lifetime quest for optimal health. I may spend another period of time being unhealthy in the future, but at least I will have taken care of myself pretty well for a while, and maybe I will learn some new things and pick up one or two good habits that will stick with me and make the unhealthy times a little less harmful.

I find it quite unhealthy to put lots of pressure on myself to “be perfect forever.”

Another thing that’s different is that everything will be phrased positively. I was going to make my motto “Don’t don’t work!” then realized I was being negative. Maybe it could be, “Do the do!” as in, “Do eat fruit every day!” and “Do take the stairs!” Keep it positive.

Yet a third thing that is different in my current approach is a deeper understanding of the balance between physical, mental and spiritual health. I think in the past I’ve tried to just change one thing or another, but I can see things as being interconnected now and I understand that all apparently separate aspects of my being need to be considered, and that caring for one can care for all in a pinch.

I’ll write more specific details in the future, but for now I just wanted to lay out the groundwork philosophy of this “continuation” project of living in health and happiness.

I will put all decisions through the 3 filters of : Humility, Compassion and Harmony. Am I in a humble state of mind, tapped into my compassionate nature, ready to harmonize? Did my choice come from humility, does it use compassion, will it lead to harmony?

These three states of being lead to three actions: Receive, Embrace and Transform.

Receiving input of all kinds from any available sources, including but not limited to: information, intuitive feelings, sensory perceptions, other people’s perspectives as well as my own assessment of “The Big Picture.” I believe health begins with an honest and humble look around.

Embracing what is, accepting reality, acknowledging the circumstances and other people’s participation. Using compassion to open my arms, heart and mind to Life, to meet fully the insight and power involved in every moment. Health is a beautiful relationship with the world, a loving, mutual embrace between my being and the All.

Transforming the situation by working in harmony with it. Not forcing, not struggling, but instead waiting for the wave and riding it. Health is not a moment of perfection frozen in time but a path, a journey, a string of an infinite number of moments each appreciated for what it is, each synchronized with to the best of our abilities.

This spot right now, as my fingers ticka-tack letters on a keyboard, is the moment I recommit to exploring healthy ways to walk in balance. If you’ll share the wisdom of your journey as well, we can have some fun and companionship along the way!


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