Public Child; Private Child

I don’t want to control my children’s every move. I don’t want or ask them to perform like trained monkeys in front of company.

But is it too much to ask that they let a little bit of their awesomeness shine through when other people are looking?

My four-year-old is the  most cranky, anti-social crabapple in the world when he encounters people he’s not familiar with. Hell, even if he’s seen the person a hundred times. He puts his head down, has a sullen look on his face, and mumbles rude things if he says anything at all.

Although thankfully he is over the stage where he would call them “Stupid!” to their faces without provocation. So I guess we’re making progress.

For the record, this is what he looks like most of the time when no one is looking:

Irresistible smile.

Infectious goofballness.

I’m gonna make up business cards with this link on it so when he’s acting completely horrible to people who don’t deserve it, I can redeem him (and me!) somewhat with the evidence of who is really is.

That’s my boy.


2 responses to “Public Child; Private Child

  1. Isn’t it possible that who he is out in public is ALSO “who he really is”? That his sullen face is just as awesome as the rest of him? What would happen if that were completely okay and not in need of redeeming? For either of you?

    Adorable pictures! Honestly, he’s probably just as cute when he’s sullen! 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right, of course. When my oldest daughter used to be very cross with people for no reason (they’re both tauruses… is that a thing with them?) I was actually glad and almost proud, because I thought, that attitude is going to come in really handy someday with some of the jackasses running around this world.

      But that was on the west coast, and now we’re in the south, and I feel like people are genuinely friendly and here I come with this sourpuss little dude.
      (He really is just as cute when he’s grumpy, though! 😀 )

      It’s just much easier to not give a crap on the west coast when everyone is being grumpy and rude all the time anyway! 😉

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