My Little Bookworm

What a marvelous feeling, the unfathomable pride, the unmitigated joy, to walk into a room and find your two-year-old engrossed in a book!

You watch for a moment, quietly, from the doorway, the birds chirping gleefully, the bunnies hopping gaily, the happiness overflowing.

This is what it’s all been for!

This is the moment that makes life worthwhile!

How could the world be any sweeter?

And then you realize…

She had to dig through an entire shelf of books to find the one she wanted!!!

There ain’t no rest for the wicked, I tell you! There is no reward without a ji-normous mess following close behind!!!

(Or did she READ all those books… Hmmm… maybe we can spin this back the other way… He he… yes, she is a genius, not a slob… I feel so much better about picking up all 748 books…)


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