Gig Poster


The rock star poster for my upcoming class! (The class itself WILL include accent marks… I’m guessing maybe the poster font can’t handle it or something? Anywho, that’s the only part that bugs me.)

It always gives me a little thrill when my program director makes these up to hang around town. We’re gonna have FUN!

Also, I took Hank (4 years old) with me to pick up my materials from the college yesterday. I got him a honey bun and a soda (BIG special treat for our family) from the vending machines in the building where my classroom is, since he was a real trooper about climbing to the top floor to find the room with me. (He was impressed with the size of it, and found it quite space age when I let him push the buttons that make the movie screen come down out of the ceiling.)

Later on at home, he was talking to a neighbor kid who had come over to play and said something about “when we were at my Mama’s work.” It’s been a long time since one of my kids has used that phrase. Another little thrill.

They are adding up.

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