Am I not going to write today?

Is it better to post assorted nonsense and keep in one’s groove or to simply refrain from posting when one has nothing profound to say?

I met with people from the DSS office this morning about the budgeting classes I’m going to teach. I am in that phase of, gosh, I’ve never done this before, am I going to suck at it? Remains to be seen.

Handed out stacks of little flyers for my Spanish conversation class (starts Thursday!!!) around Hudson and was yet again grateful to be in the South. People here might be faking it when they’re nice, but I’ll take faked civility over brutally honest rudeness West Coast style any day. Any. Day. I swear if I ever go back there I’m gonna let them know how they stack up. (Is that too mean? Oh well. They’re mean. They deserve it.)

(But aren’t you from there?) Yes, but I always tried to behave Southern, even though I didn’t know what it was then.

See? I have nothing to say. What is this, a journal?

This is my brain, on the internet. *cue sizzling bacon*

Mmmmmm…. bacon.


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