Don’t Stab Your Children!

Doesn’t this seem obvious? Does it even need to be said?

No? Then why in the name of all that’s holy do people still pierce a baby’s ears?

Is it for medical reasons? Is it a religious pact with their personal deity? Is it a superstition to ward off evil spirits that lurk around every street corner?

No, it’s so their baby will look pretty.

I honestly, seriously am NOT trying to offend anyone, but I am terribly offended when people cause children unnecessary pain.

Nor do I want to violate a parent’s sacred right to do whatever they want to their child, which is apparently the latest trend. “It’s my choice! I’m choosing!” they shout from the rooftops.

Well could you take your almighty parenting powers and choose to NOT stab your child?

They’re too little to remember! They barely cried at all! Don’t it look pur-tee!”

I am offended by the outright cruel absurdity of this practice, and I’m just done.

I try desperately to hold my tongue and let people perpetuate the asinine status quo, but really, c’mon, which part of “gratuitous torture in the name of beautification of the already perfect” do people not understand?

Would this face be more adorable with shiny bits in her ears?

Would this face melt your heart even more with a cold piece of metal stabbed through her earlobe?

Could her joy be any greater if she was sporting bling?

She’s got herself a little purse to play with, so she’s getting the idea of accessorizing, but what additional adornment could possibly complete this picture? Lipstick? Eye shadow? A fancily coiffed do with hairspray and highlights? EARRINGS???

Or are these children not absolutely perfect just as they are?

You and your choice. LET THE CHILDREN CHOOSE. There is enough pain we have to endure in this world to be accepted, to survive illness, to withstand heartbreak. Don’t add to it by stabbing your little one because she isn’t pretty enough. What a message to give to a brand new being.

“Beauty hurts!”

“People are going to force you to submit to their idea of attractiveness and you may as well get used to it now!”

“I love you but damn, you’re homely. Let’s spruce you up some with this here stabby bit.”

I’m appalled and I can’t keep it to myself anymore.


9 responses to “Don’t Stab Your Children!

  1. I completely agree, of course. But lots of parents cut off entire body parts from their newborns, so what do I expect? If it were up to me… I don’t think a parent HAS a “sacred right to do whatever they want to their child”. Honestly, I think parents have a sacred obligation to do as little as possible to their children until the children can start doing stuff to/for themselves.

    • I haven’t been brave enough to tackle the “entire body parts” post. I get a little too worked up about that one. At least with earrings, you can take them out and they *might* close up, or at least you can sort of pretend there aren’t holes in your ears. Whereas bits chopped off… those are pretty much gone. *Sigh* I’m with you on the sacred obligation. LET THEM CHOOSE. Not my body, I just have to keep it whole, safe and healthy and then they can do as they see fit.

  2. My daughter was briefly obsessed with earrings at the age of 3. So we got her clip ons. Still satisfying her desire to be pretty without the pain and possibility of infection.

    • I remember having clip ons when I was little. That’s a wonderful solution, and it seems like they are easily obtainable for cheap at a thrift store, or in Grandma’s dresser drawers! 😉

      Thanks for your comment!

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  4. S was just talking about getting our almost 4yo ears pierced, she wants to look like her cousins who all have their ears pierced. I had to excercise my veto power. My personal opinion is that she has to be old enough to realize that it will hurt and be able to take care of the new holes with a minimum of nagging from me.

    • Thanks for your comment! There may be 4 year olds out there mature enough to understand what is involved and make the choice, but for me I’d rather play it safe and just have them wait until they are a bit older, just to be sure.

      I let my first born get her ears pierced around age 6 and even though she had begged me and was quite mature, I still remember the look on her face when they did the first piercing. Something like, “Oh no, what did I get myself into.” I had to talk her into going ahead with the other ear. She was ready to walk out, but I felt like since she had made the decision to get it done, she may as well follow through and have what she had originally wanted. That was not pleasant.

  5. When my youngest daughter was a baby I had her ears pierced. I never had the thought run through my mind that it wasn’t my choice, but hers. That sort of awareness was just not developed in my brain yet. Thankfully it was a choice she would have made for herself and we didn’t have a minutes trouble with them. But that is NOT the point.. and I know that now.

    I would never make a decision like that for someone who can’t give their consent. Don’t even get me started about circumcision.. That is just absurd, cruelty and abuse plain and simple. I hope boys will soon be protected from this horrible practice just like girls are soon.

    • I think as young parents we are so vulnerable to custom, “common knowledge” and practice, “experts,” peer pressure, and all the rest. We’re trying to figure out our parenting philosophy and style but the world is telling us how it should be. And there’s so much information! So many differing opinions! I guess I’m just trying to add my two cents, in case there’s a young parent on the fence, looking for alternative viewpoints…

      I have a hard time writing about circumcision because I just get too worked up. It’s too hard for me to remain calm and collected. I always feel it’s appropriate to use words like “mutilation” but the pro-circ people don’t like that sort of language. (Like you say, “Don’t even get me started!” 😀 )

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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