My Dying Computer

Can you become fond of a piece of technology? A machine?

As my computer devolves into a dinosaur (it is from 2006, after all), I realize how much I have grown fond of it. Perhaps laptops inspire more loyalty than desktops, because I’ve never quite felt this way before.

Maybe it’s because it’s a Mac. (Let the fist fight begin.)

But it’s bogging down, getting sluggish, telling me there’s no more room on the disk, and just generally being pathetically annoying.

And I find myself feeling sad, as if it were an old, tired dog reaching the end of its usefulness, even as a lazy companion.

I think if I could afford to buy myself a new one, I could let go much easier! 😀

Still, it’s the first time I’ve ever owned a piece of metal & plastic that I can pick up and take with me, containing all my photos, music, documents, contacts, all the bookmarked websites I like to visit… how could one NOT grow attached to such a doo-hickey?

As I struggle with it in its death throes, I simultaneously want to pour money into maintaining it and put it out of its misery. In a violent way, when it’s being particularly slow and incompetent.

Perhaps when my husband realizes how much I will be using his computer when mine finally breathes its last, he will find the money SOMEWHERE to get me off his desk. Fingers crossed!


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