Gave in… Fingers crossed.

I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s such a gorgeous day outside, and the winter has been so mild, I figured I’d gamble a couple of bucks, go ahead and plant the carrot and radish seeds I bought weeks ago in breathless anticipation.

Sure, they’re calling for snow tomorrow and Monday. But you know, they do that occasionally, and 99 times out of 100 it’s a bunch of hooey.

I may have jinxed us for a blizzard.

Either way, carrots or snow, I’ll be happy!

4 responses to “Gave in… Fingers crossed.

  1. Well, if planting carrots is what it takes to get us a decent snow around here, by all means! 🙂

  2. Based on the pathetic amount of snow we received here last night, I can tell I should have gone ahead and planted the lettuce just to push it over the edge into snowball-worthy snow. 😉

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