Homemade hot pockets?

My first attempt at "hot pockets"

I’m probably not even allowed to say “Hot Pockets” because of copyright infringement, am I? What if I spell it “Hawt Pawkets?” What if the pocket of my jeans is actually on fire? And then I put some filling in it, a little cheese on top?

Well, anyway, pirating of colonized bits of the English language aside, I know my peeps love the real thing. And it didn’t seem that hard to do.

Well, as you can see, my first attempt resulted in an explosion. They are more like “Sloppy Joes” (can I say that without risk of prosecution?)

These particular ones contain BBQ chicken and cheddar cheese. I made a basic dough recipe, then rolled pieces out pretty flat into circles, put the filling on, twisted up the edges, turned them over and cooked them seam side down.

Possible errors: Rolled dough too thin? Filling was pretty warm already, so maybe it made too much steam too quickly? Should have somehow allowed more room inside (but the dough was yeasted, so should have expanded to accommodate, and I didn’t pack it really tight…)? Should have baked it on a lower temperature (I did 375) so that the outside wouldn’t firm up right away and halt expansion?

Not sure. But they were hella tasty, I can guarantee that. And maybe if they’re ugly, fewer people will be tempted to eat them, and then, more for me!!!


4 responses to “Homemade hot pockets?

  1. They look super yummy! I wonder how pepperoni and cheese would taste!

    • I bet it would be fabulous! Other things I plan to experiment with: pesto, walnuts and parmesan; chili and cheese; stir-fried teriyaki veggies (maybe with cashews!) If you think of other possibilities, let me know!

      p.s. I miss you!!!

  2. and I miss you! I haven’t met a soul up here yet, and the asheville mommies site doesn’t even have a chapter manager, so they’re on the verge of being shut down… super poop.

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