Who actually uses this?

I can’t really diss it, because since I’ve started “suggesting” my blog posts to it, I’ve gotten many more hits.

But I’ve never been on the stumbling end of it.

Do people think this search engine can surf better than they can?

Does it really turn you on to tons of great stuff?

Seems like just another addiction, like Twitter and Facebook, bidding on Ebay, and now Pinterest, which is yet another “you have to be invited, you friendless slob” arrangement, like Google + was (maybe still is?)  Are people seriously so desperate for acceptance that they would assume that an invitation to these things is worth pursuing, or that once they get into the club there will be some kind of awesome party going on? Because let me tell you, the novelty of Google + wore off pretty damn fast. Now it’s just an echo chamber.

I admit I’m prejudiced against this StumbleUpon thing because my husband uses it and actually reads some of the blog posts he trips over, (or however you want to describe the magical “chance” encounter between surfer and site). Being a “real” writer (evidently words are only worth reading when their author has been paid), he normally insults bloggers and their output to no end and doesn’t ever read mine unless I happen to insist. Which I’ve done precisely twice, I believe.

So a search engine that inspires my husband to read blog posts that aren’t mine? Ummmmm…. not gonna like it. (It’s even more fun when he recommends blog posts for me to read. “That’s just so special that ums has found an interesting blog post by a total stranger! It’s too bad ums doesn’t know any bloggers more local that are worth reading!”)

Unless it gets me more hits. In which case, I’ll certainly supply it with plenty of fodder!

In fact, I think I will suggest this very post to it.

If you’ve read this thanks to StumbleUpon, be sure to give it a nice pat on the back here in my comments section!

Or if you adore StumbleUpon for some reason, please, enlighten me.

3 responses to “StumbleUpon

  1. I use StumbleUpon. It’s not exactly a search engine. A search engine can only find you the things you search for. StumbleUpon is way more random. It helps you find things that are fascinating/awesome/useful that you wouldn’t have thought to search for. I’ve found consistently high quality in the pages it recommends, and the degree to which they are different than what I would have found on my own is really delightful.

    I also use Google+. I have a LoveLiveGrow Facebook page, and I’ve dived back in to Twitter as a result of Blissdom, but Google+ is my “home” social media site. The ability to have different kinds of social media interactions from within the same site is really appealing. I use it in a broadcast media way like you might with Twitter, to share with friends like you might with Facebook, to talk with small task-related groups (think book club) like you might with an email list, and to find new people who share my interests. G+ is a pretty awesome party going on.

    Maybe I should put this part of my comment on another post, but I’m thinking of it now, too. I’m wondering if you are seriously unhappy with your life. When you talk about your husband, your kids, and other things, too, you seem really angry. Are you angry or am I misreading you? You’re also funny, so maybe I’m reading bite where it’s just supposed to be funny. Almost all of your posts, I feel a bit of concern for you.

    • Thanks so much for all the feedback… I’m going to have to give Google + another look, because obviously I’m missing something if I think it’s dead in the water but you are getting so much out of it! And I think I’ll have to break down and give StumbleUpon a try as well. It’s the least I can do for letting me recommend myself so many times!

      I appreciate you letting me know that I’m getting too dark. I am definitely going for humor with my snark and frustration, but I don’t like that it’s coming across as me being overall miserable. Honestly, I’m wondering if it isn’t just in reaction to many of the other blogs I read wherein everything is a sunny day. Maybe I’m trying to represent somewhat of the underbelly of parenting and life in general.

      Also, I tend to overthink everything. So that’s going to muddy the waters, certainly.

      Right now in my life I am overall pretty grateful for where I am, and yet have at least one major episode of feeling completely overwhelmed per day. With five kids, a part-time job, a husband who works two jobs, and several irons in the fire as far as projects and community involvement go, I’m not sure there’s much to be done about it right now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reveal more of the good things that are going on. I think maybe some bloggy sunshine is in order, for a change.

      • I’m glad to hear you’re not miserable! I think it’s great to write about the underbelly of life and parenting, as long as you also actually like the people around you. Some of the sunshine blogs, maybe they write all roses but I can tell they hate their kids. On the other hand, I think you can write about the pitfalls and missteps while still enjoying your family and your life.

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