Another Artist in the Family

I don’t know what it is about kids’ drawings. There are times I feel like I’ve been shown the answer to something terribly important, and I just have to remember the question.

Drawing by Gwen, 2.5 years old

My eyes try to make out the image, like a distant shape through the fog of my muddled brain. Like a muffled call through the chaos of my preconceptions. There’s definitely something there.

7 responses to “Another Artist in the Family

  1. Livi found a cat head right in the middle of the pic, smiling with a bandana. Then I thought the line to the right of it was a fish mouth about to eat it.

  2. This is actually a pregnant woman. No doubt about it. It’s perfect and Picasso would be proud to have created such a work as this. (but then again, seems I see something about pregnancy and childbirth in almost everything).

  3. I love toddler paintings. Give them an easel, a couple of fat paintbrushes, and two paint colors (otherwise it all ends up brown) and I am just mesmerized by what they create.

  4. I love it.

    This drawing by my son (then not quite two years old) is still my favorite.

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