Dreaming of a Snake

It was so odd. We were living in a different house — we’d just moved in.

The bedroom must have been partially open air. All I can see is the bed and the wall behind it. I don’t think there was a ceiling.

Near the top of the wall was a clump of brambles like you see when someone is cutting down foliage but can’t reach that high to get the rest (says the shorty, who understands these things.)

Then I noticed that within the brambles was part of a tan-colored snake with darker brown mottled markings. It had been cut off a few inches below the head, mouth wide open showing fangs, headed straight up the wall.

Then I see just above the snake, a tiny skinny green frog was sitting on a stem of the bramble, and the frog was dead still. Literally. Somehow it just automatically died when the bramble and the snake were cut.

I was climbing up to observe the snake more closely. I could see a bit into its open mouth, where there was an identical tiny skinny green frog suspended lifeless in a jump for its life out of the snake’s mouth.

Climbing higher, I could see down into the snake’s throat. There was a fat brown toad wedged in there, his head facing up.

Throughout the dream I’m trying to put all the pieces together as I find them, adapting and evolving the story as it unfolds in retrospect.

Snake killed as it tries to escape bedroom of previous owner.

Snake wasn’t escaping but was trying to get frog on stem when it was killed.

Snake had already almost captured another frog when it was killed, frog on stem was just coincidence. Or dessert.

Both frogs were coincidence, as snake was either digesting or choking to death on toad, who might have been trying to eat jumping frog? Who was trying to make it to his date with sitting frog?

I never did come to any solid conclusion, and so these vivid puzzle pieces hang tantalizingly in my inner vision, teasing me, assuring me that there is something there, if only I were clever enough to understand.


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