Apple Trees

We went to a local nursery and bought a couple of Gala apple trees, which I planted in front of the house.

I tried to take a picture of them, but they are so spindly and without leaves that they are quite unimpressive and hard to distinguish in a photograph.

I think I probably killed the decorative cherry when I moved it, but it was one of the things Habitat had already planted, and this poor thing had been butchered multiple times so that it is like a big fat trunk with a few thin branches poking off the top. I do hate to kill plants, but I couldn’t just leave this orphaned, deformed thing in the perfect spot for one of the apple trees.

Skimming through advice online for apples, I read that if one doesn’t employ some type of pesticide, one’s yield will be of very poor quality, so at some point I may have to investigate organic types of pest repellants.

If anyone reading this is experienced with apple trees and wants to share a few hints, I’d be most grateful.

Otherwise, think appley thoughts for us, that we might enjoy a decent harvest in a few years.


4 responses to “Apple Trees

  1. I want to plant some apple trees here, too. I look forward to seeing how yours do!

  2. We planted apple and peach trees a few years back. We made a pepper soup from serrano pepper, garlic, onion, and cayenne pepper powder., put that in a spray bottle and…..NO MORE BUGS!

    • Cool, thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely try that. Is it okay to spray it right on blossoms, fruits, leaves, or whatever? It’s not gonna fry the tree?

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