Can’t Let it Go…

I woke up to find the same story of the breastfeeding mother being harassed, this time in another local po-dunk paper. Here’s part of it:

Allison Stanard never intended for a dinner out to turn into a battle over the right to breast-feed in public.

The Hickory woman met a friend at a Lincolnton restaurant last weekend. Both of the women had their three children with them. Stanard’s youngest just 5 weeks old.

Stanard and her girlfriend were regular customers of Mooosse’s Pizza, a restaurant that opened more than two years ago and recently relocated to a larger location alongside North Generals Boulevard.

The women and their children were sitting in the restaurant when Stanard’s baby got fussy. Stanard began breast-feeding her infant as she’s done with her other children in the past.

According to Mooosse’s general manager Larry Turner, that didn’t sit well with other customers in the restaurant.

People at three tables complained, which prompted Turner to go over and speak to Stanard, he said.

According to Stanard, customers at other tables had children who were gawking at the sight of an exposed breast.

“If she was the only table in the dining room, I wouldn’t have said a word,” he said. “I didn’t get mad about it. I just said, ‘Ma’am, I need you to cover up.’”

But Stanard said the incident wasn’t so cut and dry.

She said that Turner rudely asked her to cover up or go to the bathroom to breast-feed — both requests that infringe on her rights.

“A woman may breast-feed in any public or private location where she is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast-feeding,” the North Carolina general statute states.

When Stanard and her friend pulled the statute up on a smart phone and attempted to show it to Turner, she said the restaurant manager was uninterested.

Turner said Stanard and her friend were the ones who raised their voices and made a scene.

Stanard said Turner raised his voice first and made a bad situation worse.

“Everyone started staring at us at that point,” she said. “I was just kind of like in shock.”

The women quickly paid their bill and left the restaurant, vowing never to return.

Apparently what it comes down to is, if a customer feels uncomfortable, it’s okay to violate the law to make them comfortable. So, if the customer is a flaming racist, you can ask a black person to leave? How far can you take this? How much of an ignoramus are you allowed to be?
I love how the Mama is accused of raising her voice and making a scene. I think punching the manager in the face would be getting a little carried away, but I think foot stomping, hollering, arm waving, and maybe a couple of times pulling one’s shirt to one’s chin to show him what flashing ACTUALLY looks like, because he obviously hasn’t seen it before, all that would be appropriate. And she did none of that. So I think she showed remarkable, heroic restraint.
Yet another thing she should be applauded for.
Here’s the link, if you wanna read the whole thing: Breast-feeding mom riles restaurant manager
Like the headline?
It makes me sick.
How about “Restaurant manager sets public health back 100 years.”
Because that’s what you do when you “protect” children from seeing breastfeeding.
Plus what he did violated her rights. Broke the law. How about “Restaurant manager flagrantly breaks law, humiliates mother feeding her infant.”
And if one more person uses the word “discreet” I swear I’m going to lose it completely.

4 responses to “Can’t Let it Go…

  1. For the supposedly most advanced country on the planet there surely are some backward ideas out there. I had a two year old who would latch, unlatch, latch unlatch constantly – often leaving me fully exposed without knowing and never had a murmur. Had a few ‘frosty nostrils’ and a few men leave my vicinity but no-one ever questioned my right to feed my child. Cheering you on with this campaign…

    • I’m fairly certain that the people who are offended are so unfamiliar with breastfeeding, how it actually works, the reality of fidgety kids, etc. that they just can’t understand why mothers are such exhibitionists. That’s why I really feel like their kids need to be educated by observing reality and not just remaining in the clueless shelter of their prudish parents, but I can see how this attitude is perceived as a threat, like I know better than they do how to raise their kids, and I want to expose them to nudity, or whatever. There has to be some way over the bridge between the false modesty of the formula culture and breastfeeding.

  2. Fuck discreet. Fuck his three customers who complained. Fuck his condescending “common courtesy” statements.

    Sometimes when I’m feeding Dylan in public, I have the urge to cover up a bit more or hurry to put my boob away when he’s done, and then I think how fucking STUPID that is. What is going ON when you can’t feed your kid without it being a big deal?

    • Yes, exactly! I’ve been feeling like I have to tone down my response in order for these offended people from another planet to even be able to hear what I’m saying, when my sentiments are actually, “Fuck discreet.” Thank you for getting straight to the point! 😉

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