A Post As Disjointed and Chaotic as I Feel

Checked out a tattoo artist to see about finally getting the freeway sign on my wrist.

Need to get the reminders out to the neighbors about the homeowner’s meeting on Friday. There are signs at each exit to the subdivision, I send an email (but don’t have everyone’s address), post it on Facebook (but not everyone has joined the group), and take a paper note around to everyone’s house. Seems like overkill, but they can’t say they didn’t know.

Also, it’s quite warm out there, and I’m not looking forward to tromping around the neighborhood.

Taught my budgeting class to only ONE student yet again this morning. A young woman who has a goal of becoming a tattoo artist one day. Serendipitously enough. I would love to see how the class goes if I ever have more than one person in the class.

I need a beer.

I need to get my lesson plan completely sorted out and all my handouts typed up and printed out.

I’m supposed to call my mother in 3 minutes.

Should probably make dinner at some point.

Husband is working himself to the bone. Still.

Daughter is beside herself waiting to see if she got accepted into the nursing program.

Have to think about cleaning the house for the meeting to happen here on Friday.

Just a few scattered thoughts on this frantic scattered day.

I hope yours was lovely!

3 responses to “A Post As Disjointed and Chaotic as I Feel

  1. I’ll have a beer with you! Hope scattered day ends well. 🙂

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