More fun with gardening

Here’s one of the twiggy apple trees in the front garden:

Just beyond it you can the see decorative cherry I moved and somehow didn’t kill.

Here’s the twiggy fig:

The dude at the local nursery where we bought the trees explained that figs aren’t actually fruit, they are like the hip (as in, rose hips) of the partially opened flower, or something like that. I’ve never actually tried one as they look pretty creepy to me, but my husband loves them, and I think watching the whole process from tiny tree to harvest might inspire me to give them a try (they are just SO ugly!!!)

When I was at Home Depot getting the stakes for the apple trees, I couldn’t resist buying some flowers:

One of my best friends got me the rosemary all the way to the right, and it’s doing brilliantly, but the poor little scraggly gardenia just got stepped on too many times. I’m not sure if it will survive my small children. Maybe now that there are flowers in that bed, the kids will stay out of it (a girl can dream…)

While I was at the store I saw people buying tomato plants and such, and although I think it’s way too early for that, I figured I might gamble on starting them from seed this early…

The big containers are lettuce, and in the box are tomatoes, basil, beans and zukes.

It’s so nice to be outside getting dirty!


2 responses to “More fun with gardening

  1. Loe my garden too – time, time, time…

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