There’s something seriously magical about plants volunteering in the garden. Especially when you kinda recognize them, but they could be any number of varieties, such as this little guy volunteering in the middle of my row of carrots, who looks like some kind of squash… but is he a pumpkin? A spaghetti squash? A zucchini?

Some of his pals are in my row of chard seeds.

What a delicious mystery!

2 responses to “Volunteers

  1. I’ve got tomatoes, broccoli, and radishes coming up in my garden space from last year, as if they noticed that I’m behind on the planting and just decided to go for it themselves. And I’m moving some surprise potatoes and tomatoes from the compost bin to the garden. Between that and the 20 baby animals of one variety or another around here, this really is the time of year where LIFE is completely impossible to ignore!

    • I was just thinking yesterday that one of the main reasons I like volunteers is because their spontaneous continuity makes me feel like even if I were unable to obtain seeds and whatnot, there would still be *something* to eat. It’s reassuring.

      Also, I was pulling weeds the other day and found that one of them was a broccoli sprout coming off one of the stalks I’d chopped up and put in the compost… which I didn’t realize would happen. I thought you had to plant them from seeds. The awesome surprises just keep coming! 😀

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