Survival Lessons – Edible Plants

My husband recently bought me this book:

It makes me want to spend hours hiking around the wild spaces, looking for all these plants.

This is the perfect time of year too, with all the plants sprouting and blooming — so much to see and explore.

Reading through the book, it amazes me for some reason how much food surrounds us. Eating lots of different leaves for salad greens, making flour out of roots and seeds, making tea out of dried flowers. I’ve got quite a few edible plants in my yard (things I planted), but it’s reassuring to know that the boundary of edible wildness (what most people call “weeds” because there’s a grocery store up the street) extends infinitely.

One thing I want to commit to experimenting with this fall is acorns. We get a ton of them on the ground near our house and I’d like to read up on them, find some recipes for processing and making tasty stuff out of them.

In order to make a survival lesson out of edible plant identification for the kids, I might make a scavenger hunt of sorts. Maybe make copies of drawings to identify them and make up a little booklet for them to use as a handbook to find stuff. Whoever gets poison ivy automatically loses! 😀

4 responses to “Survival Lessons – Edible Plants

  1. Your survival scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun! Can I come? 🙂

  2. Issa @ LoveLiveGrow

    We have that same book! 🙂 It’s amazing to me that I used to look at a lawn and just see green grass. Now I can look at a lawn and I see so many different foods (for me or our animals) and so many different shades of green. It’s like a whole new world once you learn to see.

    • That’s so true, it’s all about seeing! Okay, well maybe there are deeper layers I haven’t even gotten to yet, but at first everything just looks like random foliage, then the more you pay attention the more familiar plants will just jump out at you, like a friend you recognize who emerges from the crowd. I love it, and I want to know them all!

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