How to Live on a Day Like This

Today is one of those days where I want to run away, hide, scream, cry, give up.

But I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed. I want to do it differently. Like 880 freeway differently. Like why did I get this tattoo if I was just going to be beaten down by every tiny dilemma that comes my way. Even if there are fourteen of them and they are all coming at me at once.

I  sit with the feelings, keep my eyes and heart open to love and meaning.

It’s really freakin’ hard.


4 responses to “How to Live on a Day Like This

  1. Hi Elena. Hope that as the day went on it became less stressful and filled with joy (Or at least kind of ok). Wish I lived next door and could give you a hug. I think you don’t like talking on the phone, but if you ever want someone to listen, I am up for that.

    • Thanks Linda, I may take you up on that (but you’re right, the phone is not my favorite.) It didn’t get any better, but that’s okay. It gives me more practice!

  2. Ohhhh… this was me yesterday afternoon. I just sat on the porch and sobbed while the kids played. My mind is clearer today… I hope yours is as well!

  3. Hugs and more hugs. Go look at the sky and breathe out!

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