Put a fork in it, three years later I’m finally done with the quilt for my parents. (Okay, wait, after all that work, if you put a fork in it I’ll have to hurt you, so just admire it from afar! 😀 )

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that if I got it done in time, I could get it in the mail and it would make it to California in time for Mother’s Day and my father’s birthday, which is the day after.

So I’ve been driving myself and my family crazy working every spare second to get it done.



I keep thinking about how the post office will ask if I want to insure it. Whenever I hand make something, I always think to myself, there isn’t enough money in the world to replace however-long-it-took-me.

Anyway, I hope they love it, and feel the warmth and love that is stitched into it.

Now I’ll just pack it in a box with a framed family portrait we just got taken, buy a couple of cards, ship the whole thing off to the other side of the continent.

Then move on to the next project…


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