This is gonna get messy

Because that’s how life, mine anyway, is most authentically lived.

I think about this blog almost daily, but don’t ever write anymore.

Some of my myriad excuses:

  • What I want to say might offend someone I know IRL who might stumble upon my blog
  • I don’t have my thoughts 100% clarified
  • Feeling guilty about taking time away from my family, household duties, work, etc. to polish a post
  • Respectable blogs have photos, strive to make money, participate in “carnivals,” are promoted, sponsored, gold-stamped, etc.
  • What the hell do I have to say that isn’t already being said/that anyone would give two craps about?

Also, I am overly attached to the “Tribe” part of “Wise Way,” and obsess over what this hypothetical group of people would think/expect.

If you belong to the Tribe (you know who you are!), then jump right in. If you’d like to contribute blog posts, just let me know, it is practically effortless to get them posted.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to dance with them what’s here, and currently, it’s just lil ole me.

And I’m not askeered of mud, mystery, or mess.

So here we go.

One response to “This is gonna get messy

  1. I am here.!

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