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Vote NO! on “One Man, One Woman”

I see the bumperstickers proclaiming “Marriage = One Man + One Woman” (I hope they aren’t math teachers), the lawn signs, the ELECTRONIC BILLBOARDS  for crying out loud. (How much money do these people have? And if they’re so big on promoting marriage, why don’t they donate some of that mountain of money to my marriage so we can have a relaxing second honeymoon? I promise, since we happen to be one man and one woman, that we will get down to some seriously heterosexual business on their dime.)

On May 8th, we in North Carolina are being asked, essentially, to amend our state constitution to dictate to our citizens who they can and cannot marry. To judge who is and who is not a legal domestic partnership.

Similar to this:

Same hateful, self-righteous, fascist bigotry. This particular bit of racist rubbish was in effect from 1875 until 1971.
It’s none of your business which consenting adults choose to marry each other. Are they consenting? Are they adults? I would definitely agree to use that criteria. Beyond that, none of my business, none of your business. You may think that your God disapproves, but does their God?
I saw a pro-hate bumpersticker on a woman’s car when I was leaving the post office yesterday. She looked like a decent human. Maybe it wasn’t her car. But I wanted to go up to her and say, polite as pie, big smile on my face, “You know that’s offensively hateful, right?”
But I didn’t. The problem is, those of us who advocate people minding their own business tend to mind our own business. I guess we’ll have to break out of that mold for just such occasions.
But whatever you do, wherever you live, don’t let the haters win.