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The Job Hunt

Interestingly enough, the two schools where I’ve submitted applications (as well as resumes, letters of recommendations, AND am in friendly contact with the teachers I would be replacing…) are the two schools that my son would be going to next year.  I feel like our fates are tied together.  His old school in the district where we used to live is where my daughter graduated last year.  There’s no way I’m trucking him all the way over there (18 miles round trip, which I’ve been doing twice a day for the past two+ months) unless I get to park when I get there and go to my own classroom.  The other school is in the district we’ve just moved into.  Both potential jobs were just insider tips, fed to me by the same person, actually.

I have my fingers crossed but I’m not holding my breath, just to represent the situation bodily.  Mentally I go back and forth between,” They’re going to be impressed with my experience and enthusiasm and it’s going to be a match made in heaven!” and “I don’t have a license and there are probably 20 other people who look better than me on paper and I don’t have a chance in hell.”

The suspense is killing me.

Even the gig I’ve been hired to do isn’t a sure thing.  I was asked by a local community college to teach a couple of Spanish conversation classes this summer, but all is contingent on there being enough enrollment.  They gave me big glossy posters to hang up, which I dutifully did at 5 different libraries in the area and as many businesses.

I’ve also got emails out to recreation center directors and day care center directors, offering to teach Spanish classes,  but I don’t know how many have even been read.  I’m not sure those opportunities even exist, or if it’s just something I think should be available.

I know I was meant to teach.  The thought of it gives me an enthusiasm that feels bottomless.  I keep coming back to the idea that it is so stupid that a person with talent, skill and drive should have to beg for a chance to be a useful, contributing member of society.  Can you imagine living in a primitive situation and begging the tribal leaders for the opportunity to practice your vocation?  Why do we do this to ourselves?