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Sent story off… learning to talk budget in Spanish

My children’s picture book story has been sitting quietly in a corner, collecting dust for some time. It is now winging its merry little way to a publisher who will with any luck adore it and give it a new home. Or lots of new homes, on the shelves of kids and libraries everywhere.

I’ve been working feverishly on a new opportunity to teach budgeting at a local DSS office. I was contracted to develop a powerpoint that would be informative and engaging enough to last 3 hours, so people seeking cash assistance from the government could fulfill the new requirement to learn how to wisely and responsibly spend said funds. I’m then to translate it into espaƱol. Then, supposedly, I get to teach both classes. I’m excited about the class itself, as well as the possibilities it might open up in the future.

To continue my assessment of where I am as the new year approaches: I am an officer in my homeowner’s group (secretary), I am moderator on three parenting forums, I want desperately to: finish my parents’ quilt, post regularly on my blog, practice yoga every morning, polish my French novel translation, homeschool Hank, explore new recipes, have a successful garden and put in more landscaping features in the yard, be active in my neighborhood and maybe even my community at large, and maybe develop new ways to make money.

I’m sure there’s some stuff I’ve forgotten, but my list is too long, and I don’t know how to trim it.

On My Plate

Here’s just a short list of the things that I can even remember are on my plate right now:

1. Trying to finish our sweat equity hours before March to get into our Habitat for Humanity house

2. Developing curriculum for a Spanish class I’m teaching starting in January

3. Becoming a La Leche League leader

4. Staying in touch with my friends and family on a number of sites, such as Facebook, Central Foothills Mommies, Natural Parenting Network forum, and others.

5. Finding and applying for high school teaching jobs, which involves not only jumping back into the working world but also figuring out how I will get my teaching certificate within three years of being hired

6. Joining a new church, which is made more difficult by my shy children

7. Maintaining the friendships and family relationships with people in the “real world”

This is not to even mention the projects that have been shelved indefinitely on the back burner but nag me nevertheless:

1. Polishing a translation of a French novel that I have worked on off and on for two (three?) years

2. Finishing the quilt I started for my parents, the top of which is almost completely pieced together

3. Helping my Dad promote his books

I am overwhelmed, but I don’t know what to do besides to keep putting one foot ahead of the other.