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Rain Barrels

On the road to self-sufficiency, to living off the grid as much as possible, we’ve purchased four rain barrels.

Apparently when I use city water to irrigate, I get charged twice. Once for the clean water, then again for the “sewer,” since presumably what comes out of their system must surely be going back in.

Except it’s not always.

And the summertime thunderstorms in our area produce an amazing amount of water.

So why not use what falls freely from the sky?

I know, not a novel idea. Just a new homeowner reveling in the new possibilities.

Not that you have to own your own home to have rain barrels, but when you live in places where you fully intend to move at any second, then spending the money and effort to rig up some kind of permanent system of your own is quite low on the old priority list.

Right now they are sitting behind the house, waiting for my husband to finish up other projects before he constructs them permanent platforms, hooks them to the rain spouts on the roof and installs spigots in them. Yet another reason I’m excited for next year!