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Journal & Blog

Lots of my studying lately has been bringing up evolution of consciousness.

I spent over 20 years writing my thoughts in journals read only by me.

Somehow I imagined blogging would be even better, inviting new perspectives to shine their unique light on my own point of view.

Despite the rare meaningful encounter, I have arrived at total disillusionment.

This medium appears to be all flash, self-promotion and tediously predictable argument.

I no longer know how to approach it.

That’s all for now.

The Challenge of Stat Watching

Or not watching stats, is the part that’s hard for me.

I’ve explained that blogging is a step on a writing journey that began with journaling, which began when I was old enough to write.

When you’re seven in 1977 and you’re writing in a Snoopy diary with a flimsy lock, there’s no danger of checking the stats on how many views you’ve had and having it rattle your cage.

My first blog was The World According to e which I had for a couple of years. One time, near as I can figure, the fact that I linked to an article on cnn.com resulted in them linking to my blog in their “readers comments” section or some such, for maybe a minute and a half but it was enough to get me 90 views that day.

Previous to that I’d be lucky to get 10.

Well, new benchmark, I was thrilled. How to get it back up there? I knew it would be tough to hit 90 again but I knew I’d never be happy with 10 again. I linked to their stories, adding my own thoughtful commentary, of course, tried to add more interesting photos to my posts, fussed over details.

The words got lost in the obsession with numbers.

My blog was never the same again. Soon thereafter I “took a break,” then gave up entirely.

Yesterday, on this here new blog of mine, someone linked one of my posts to Facebook. This time my new daily high is 177 views. Up from a daily average of 5.

Once I’d realized what had happened, I was rushing in to check on the computer every half hour or so to see how high the numbers were getting.

My mind began once again to race, wondering how I could promote myself to keep my numbers high, to keep the views flowing in.

But I’m not a number person. I’m a word person. I’m going to stay a word person. (No offense to numbers. I’ve learned to enjoy playing with them. But as soon as they get too close I poke them with a stick and send them scurrying back under their rocks.)

I’m going to keep on the Wise Way, welcoming Tribe members as they arrive, whenever and however they arrive. When it comes to my personal mathematics, one Tribe member > 10,000 invisible stat views.

To paraphrase (or butcher, as the case may be) the song from Finding Nemo:
“Just keep writing,
just keep writing,
just keep writing, writing, writing,
what do we do?
we write, write, write.”

p.s. Despite all my pithering above, I am truly grateful that someone thought enough of my writing to share it. That was seriously cool and greatly appreciated.