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Word Aversion

Are there any words that make your skin crawl?

A quite unfortunate one for me, both because it is so commonly used as well as the inexplicableness of my extreme distaste for it, is “kiddo.”

Now I’m going to have to pinch my own cheek black and blue just for writing it.

The only possible reason I can come up with is a smarmy but generally fair and tolerable manager I used to have who would call me that. I was 18 and 19 years old when I worked for him. One day I just couldn’t take it any more, and after he said, “Don’t forget to turn the ‘Closed’ sign, kiddo,” I responded, “No problem, Old Man.”

I had a smidgen of an attitude, I suppose. But even though I was only 19, I’d recently gotten married and was done being regarded as a child.

He turned to me and actually looked kind of hurt. In all fairness, he couldn’t have been older than 50. But he somehow understood the source of my displeasure and never called me that again.

He was actually a cool guy, so to have this be the source of my rage against this word doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Nevertheless, in this post is the last time you’ll ever hear/read me say that word unless I’m quoting someone else. Bleh.

Care to share any of the words that make you want to hurl… or rip someone’s head off? And do you know why you hate it so much?