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One a Day

I need to get back to publishing one post a day.

When I let myself skip, it’s bad times.

I judge everything I want to say. Whereas when I’m doing one post a day, I just figure I have to write something, so there’s no point in censoring myself so heavily.

I come up with all kinds of excuses that don’t take away my feeling of failure. “I don’t have the time, don’t have the energy, don’t have the quiet to think straight.” Phooey.

I feel like there’s a huge hole in my life. I’d like to feel like there’s a huge whole in my life. A whole collection of thoughts, visions, ideas, prayers.

I don’t read anyone else’s blog. A part of me feels resentful that other people are writing and being read, so if I’m not writing, then I get bitter and refuse to participate. Gross. I much prefer to be in the thick of things, hanging out with my blogging cyberfriends and discovering new voices.

So I’ll give it a shot. Lately been feeling down due to my garden flailing pathetically – tomato plants frozen, half my basil lost to frost, had to replant zucchinis, and I’m pretty sure  my apple trees have cedar rust, which sounds like a bear to deal with. (One solution I read about was to buy rust-resistant varieties such as gala. Yeah. That’s what we bought. Now what? Depend on poisonous expensive sprays forever? 😛 ) My conversation class is over, don’t know when or if I’ll get to teach again. It’s taking me forever to finish the quilt. I’ve quit one of my moderator jobs, and the other two are kind of on the back burner. This Amendment One garbage is bumming me out in a big way. Our financial sitch looms large. Et cetera, et cetera.

It’s not my favorite thing to write when I’m feeling terribly whiny.

But it’s even suckier not to write at all.


Yesterday I cleaned my house (the front rooms, anyway) until it was sparkly. Then I hosted the homeowner’s association, of which I am the secretary and thus took all the notes.

I also made cookies and brownies.

I kept the children from bothering my husband, who was working at home all day in the study (writing.)

I paid a bunch of bills.

I spent a lot of time with the little ones, supervising their play outside, reading books, playing legos.

I fulfilled my duties at an online forum for which I am a moderator.

I walked and fed the dog, helped my husband edit his writing, made sure my daughter made it to the school dance, fixed a lovely lunch, and planted the fig tree my husband bought from the nursery.

Yesterday evening, my husband, who never makes a peep when the house is a complete wreck, which is most of the time, thoughtfully said, “The house looks amazing. It feels really comfortable.”

To which I responded, “Today was the first day all year that I didn’t write a blog post. When the house is clean, I’m not writing.”

And here I am today, before anyone wakes up, hoping I can get this last sentence in before the insanity starts.


Who actually uses this?

I can’t really diss it, because since I’ve started “suggesting” my blog posts to it, I’ve gotten many more hits.

But I’ve never been on the stumbling end of it.

Do people think this search engine can surf better than they can?

Does it really turn you on to tons of great stuff?

Seems like just another addiction, like Twitter and Facebook, bidding on Ebay, and now Pinterest, which is yet another “you have to be invited, you friendless slob” arrangement, like Google + was (maybe still is?)  Are people seriously so desperate for acceptance that they would assume that an invitation to these things is worth pursuing, or that once they get into the club there will be some kind of awesome party going on? Because let me tell you, the novelty of Google + wore off pretty damn fast. Now it’s just an echo chamber.

I admit I’m prejudiced against this StumbleUpon thing because my husband uses it and actually reads some of the blog posts he trips over, (or however you want to describe the magical “chance” encounter between surfer and site). Being a “real” writer (evidently words are only worth reading when their author has been paid), he normally insults bloggers and their output to no end and doesn’t ever read mine unless I happen to insist. Which I’ve done precisely twice, I believe.

So a search engine that inspires my husband to read blog posts that aren’t mine? Ummmmm…. not gonna like it. (It’s even more fun when he recommends blog posts for me to read. “That’s just so special that ums has found an interesting blog post by a total stranger! It’s too bad ums doesn’t know any bloggers more local that are worth reading!”)

Unless it gets me more hits. In which case, I’ll certainly supply it with plenty of fodder!

In fact, I think I will suggest this very post to it.

If you’ve read this thanks to StumbleUpon, be sure to give it a nice pat on the back here in my comments section!

Or if you adore StumbleUpon for some reason, please, enlighten me.

Where’s my medal?

I’m amused by the new motivational tactics of the WordPress site – how it sets a goal for me (it’s always a number of posts… how can they be sure that I’m not hoping to cut red meat from my diet or grow a great crop of carrots?) and then gives me a big ol’ cyber pat on the back for my latest accomplishment.

I’m coming up on post 100 – surely there will be some kind of music playing when I hit “publish,” a little John Phillips Sousa with the sound of fireworks in the background should get me where I need to be.

Are we just all so indoctrinated by school and whatnot that we need the lure of a piece of candy to get anything done around here?

These WordPress people aren’t working out of a windowless, unmarked van, are they?

Still, it’s cute. I’ll take kudos wherever I can get them.

My latest motivation to post, other than not wanting to disappoint my mentors here at WordPress, has been just to get one up every day. Purely chronologically-driven writing schedule. Did you wake up? Has the date on your cellphone changed? Then post something already.

So far so good.

What do you use to motivate you to write?

Occupy My Own Blog

The Occupy movement has captured my imagination. I’m watching, fascinated.

My days are already full to exhaustion with running my household and being Mama to my five kids. I know this is important work that will have a lasting impact on the world, but I’m also waiting to see if some avenue of participation in the greater sphere makes itself obvious to me.

For now I could make time to write. I could be present with my own words. Expressing myself gets bumped down to the bottom of my priority list because I feel like it’s something I do only for myself. But what if, in representing one’s perspective, one takes the first step into a larger world.

Some ideas I’ve had: student loan debt crisis, family survival lessons, emergency supplies, rain barrels, alter egos, usage of the word “occupy,” 8 years of living out of boxes then finally being unpacked, bootstraps vs. basic human rights… and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

For now I will move forward in my own way, each day, in solidarity.

New Approach

I was able to get myself to actually sit down and write when I made a list of all the things I was going to talk about and publicly announced it. I might have to use this to keep things flowing.

Upcoming posts:

–spirituality, parenthood and the dark night of the soul
–freeform gardening
–reflections on The Desert Pilgrim

There. Now I’ll feel like I can’t blow it off.